Thursday, 1 January 2015

GoodBye 2014, Hello 2015 !

2014 has come to an end, so whats your 2014 story?. i've a lot of things to share. Recently, there is 2 big event happening at the end of 2014.

On the 13-14th December, theres Azri Trickster Freestyle Football Championship (ATFFC) was held in Kallang, Singapore. The event was organize by the legend itself, Azri. It was an open tournament for Asia country and the first event ever for Azri Trickster. There were about 5 different country who participate in the tournament.
Group Photo Asia!
I'm also taking part in the tournament!. Representing Malaysia. it was a good experience travelling to Singapore.,a lot new faces there,.was really glad to meeting with them
Airi showing off some upper skills!

Yup, as expected i'm not performing well in the tournament as Im not 100% ready plus with my ankle injury during the tournament. But it was good enough for me to go through to the top 8.
Airi defeated Husni from Indonesia to go through to the top 8 before lose against Arie from Indonesia.
Airi defeated Husni from Indonesia to go through to the top 8 before lose against Arie from Indonesia
it was a successful event!. Really looking forward for ATFFC 2015...
Airi and Aizu with Singapore's legend, Azri(middle) ,

Then, a week after ATFFC event, theres another big event which is Asia Freestyle Football Championship (AFFC) was held in Lot 10, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. There were more than 15 country! around Asia that took part in this tournament. Thanks to Nam The Man! who make this event happened.
Airi with Nam The Man(left) and the Big Boss of freestyle, Lucasso (right)
On the first day of the event, theres a group qualification for the top 32 spot. and I manage to qualify into the top 32. unlucky me have to face a creative Japanese freestyler, Hiro-K..and he defeated me with a 3-0 decision to go through to the top was a tough battle for me.,but it motivates me to train harder!.. Heres some photos from the event..

chilling and sharing skills with other freestyler around Asia!


Airi with the only Asia female freestyler, Valerie

The guy who defeated Airi in the top 32, Hiro-K
Random, Airi with the Asia Champion, Phillip aka PWG

Asia Power!
AFFC top 32 fixtures

One of the special guest, Yosuke from Japan

Airi represent MALAYSIA

FIN 2014..

looking forward for the next big competition on the new year.,
Promise to give a better performance next time.
2015 will be mine!

Friday, 14 November 2014


A throwback video! feat. Airi freestyle football.

A short video contains a bunch of training clips and freestyle journey from 2012 to 2013.
Watch! Airi | Throwback Freestyle

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Do you ever wonder what/who/where are you in the future??. yeahh..i have no idea. Maybe if you have goals in life.,there should be no problem for you to predict your future.
Like me.. i dont have any goals..or maybe got.. as you know im a football freestyler. People said "you cant be a billionaire with this sort of talent".. yeah sounds impossible, but nothing is impossible. what im trying to say is one day i will prove that i will succeed in life with things that i love to do. Its easy to said that.,you have to give 100% to get 100% .. but my situation now is really different. i didn't expect it was this hard. I can feel that "my Freestyle" is running away from me day after day. no motivation..
model : Airi
photo taken by : Zaidil
I've been force to study things that i dont like.. actually i'm not being force, it just "they" trust me that i can manage to study this course. but me, myself dont have confident to that matter.. and yeah.,the day i started study, i start to skip practicing freestyle..why?  because "they" dont want me to. They ask me to just focus on studying.. this is why FdXeni are no longer active.. I dont blame anyone. So far, i had a good "college life". I learned lots of things. trying to live with your own. make new friends.. try to get use of it. this is not the end, this is just the beginning..yeah i've said that many times.
Gotta admit that i've stop freestyle for a while..but not forever. i already promise that i will make Malaysia and everyone proud one inspire others and be remembered. its just the matter of times. I believe that you have to create your own destiny and a "good FATE" will come. So yeah, i must carry on..fighting for myself..while still alive..leave your mark.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Its been a long time! since our last/latest update. Just want to inform everyone that we are currently busy with studies. but we are still training and freestyle around. We never stop until we're done!. To keep this site alive, Airi (malaysian flag;below) will take over this blog and will update to you about our current activities or any interesting stuff. So yeah, the journey has begun!. KEEP IN TOUCH.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

drunken night tune

just in case you missed it!. Our latest video on FdXeni channel!
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Airi keep this freestyle journey going by doing freestyle performance in Sarawak!. Such a really nice states!, they are so friendly and the place is full with original culture. The food there awesome too. "kek lapis" was always be favorite there.
Perform on pullman hotel (ballroom). Airi doing his favorite sit skill!
such an amazing atmosphere.

Hotel View!!.

Chilling ^^

Airixeni chilling with one of the best freestyler in the world Phillip aka PWG
from left : airi , PWG, eqbal(local freestyler)

Twin Tower!!
Cool pic by airixeni!. Doing handstand while balance the ball at his neck
Camera : GoPro Hero
credits : PWG