Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Do you ever wonder what/who/where are you in the future??. yeahh..i have no idea. Maybe if you have goals in life.,there should be no problem for you to predict your future.
Like me.. i dont have any goals..or maybe got.. as you know im a football freestyler. People said "you cant be a billionaire with this sort of talent".. yeah sounds impossible, but nothing is impossible. what im trying to say is one day i will prove that i will succeed in life with things that i love to do. Its easy to said that.,you have to give 100% to get 100% .. but my situation now is really different. i didn't expect it was this hard. I can feel that "my Freestyle" is running away from me day after day. no motivation..
model : Airi
photo taken by : Zaidil
I've been force to study things that i dont like.. actually i'm not being force, it just "they" trust me that i can manage to study this course. but me, myself dont have confident to that matter.. and yeah.,the day i started study, i start to skip practicing freestyle..why?  because "they" dont want me to. They ask me to just focus on studying.. this is why FdXeni are no longer active.. I dont blame anyone. So far, i had a good "college life". I learned lots of things. trying to live with your own. make new friends.. try to get use of it. this is not the end, this is just the beginning..yeah i've said that many times.
Gotta admit that i've stop freestyle for a while..but not forever. i already promise that i will make Malaysia and everyone proud one day..to inspire others and be remembered. its just the matter of times. I believe that you have to create your own destiny and a "good FATE" will come. So yeah, i must carry on..fighting for myself..while still alive..leave your mark.

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